1,217 Flood Victims Still Placed in 7 Evacuation Centres

SHAH ALAM, 15Nov: There are 1,217 flood victims still located in 7 flood evacuation centres throughout Selangor.

According to the National Security Council’s (MKN) Flood Portal, as of 5pm, the total number of people has reduced from more than 1,300 individuals at 11am this morning, comprising of 3 flood areas.

They have been placed in seven flood evacuation centres, including those in Kuala Langat, Sepang and Kuala Selangor.

According to MKN, everyone has been advised to ensure that their drinking water has been boiled once the flood waters recede to avoid drinking contaminated water.

They also advised people to wash their hands with soap before handling food, while preparing food or even when handling objects that have been contaminated by flood waters; including food items that have been contaminated by flood waters.

They should also dispose of food that was left in refrigerators that have been contaminated by flood waters or items that smell foul or have changed colour.

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