264 Infrastructural Projects Successful under Selangorku Grant

SHAH ALAM, 19 Nov: A total of 264 infrastructure development projects in the whole of Selangor have been built under the Selangorku Grant as of mid-October 2012.

This comprises of nine districts with an estimated cost of RM37.4 million already spent.

These includes, plastering, painting, road and drain repairs, installation and repairs of street lights, road widening, building of lanes, coastal plains, road reserves and the repairing of sewages to prevet blockage.

Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim said the following in his 2013 Budget speech.

“Administration and development of Selangor has been carried out in a somewhat different way from other states. The concept of State Revenue for the People is being spread throughout state administration.”

“Implementation capital does not merely come from the state budget. State Government has been creatively using other resources to increase investments in infrastructure development, “he said when commenting on the status of the Selangor Grant implementation amounting to RM300 million.

He added that for sports infrastructure, a total of RM30 million has been allocated and approximately RM6 million has been spent on the 35 projects approved in nine districts.

For non-physical programs, a total of 62 projects have been approved under the Selangor Grant with RM7.48 million spent.

These programmes include the empowerment of women, educational support, young entrepreneurship, rural development movement, workers welfare, corruption eradication and mismanagement, the introduction of the minimum wage, strengthening the culture and the strengthening of democracy.

“The implementation of programs under the Selangor Grant will also be intensified in 2013,” he said.

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