Bad Building Management Resulting in Difficulty Getting Free Water Rebate

SHAH ALAM, 19 Nov: Lack of building management and responsibility as well as lack of commitment in the management of free water rebate distribution to residents among the reasons why apartment residents did not get the 20 square meters water subsidy.

This issue involves 3,500 units in 14 low-cost apartments throughout the state.

Housing, Building management and Squatters Exco member, Iskandar Samad said this when answering Lau Weng San (DAP- Kampung Tunku).

However, 59,127 low-cost units still using central meters in 214 low-cost apartments have already received free water rebates.

From the above total are 5,254 units in the Shah Alam City Council area; 16,604 units in Petaling Jaya City Council area; 8,893 units in the Subang Jaya Municipal Council area, 13, 510 units in the Ampang Jaya Municipal Council area and 6,590 units in the Klang Municipal Council area.

In addition, 5,789 units for the Selayang Municipal Council area; 3,798 units in Kajang Municipal Council area; 125 units in the Sepang Municipal Council area; 300 units in the Hulu Selangor District Council area and 352 units in the Kuala Langat District Council area.

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