Chinese Clearer on Hudud Despite MCA Slur, UM Study Reports

SHAH ALAM, NOV 5: Although the issue of Hudud has often been politicised by MCA and UMNO, it has been garnering more support from non-Moslems, especially the Chinese community.

This is because non-Moslems are starting to understand the foundation of Islamic criminal law.

Apart from that, the ever increasing crime incidences lately is also the primary reason for non-Moslems to accept Hudud should it be implemented.

Such was the statement made by Shah Alam MP, Khalid Samad to TV Selangor when commenting on the study carried out by University of Malaya Centre of Democracy and Elections (UMCEDEL).

“Praise be to Allah that our efforts have been proven fruitful in explaining to the public at large, including non-Moslems, that Hudud is just to all.”

“They are also equally concerned about the increasing crime rate in this country, so much so that they have to choose between increased crime rates or Hudud”, he said.

He also believes that non-Moslems are becoming receptive of the idea that Hudud is capable of curbing crimes in this country.

In a recent study undertaken by UMCEDEL, it was revealed that more and more of the Chinese community in this country support the implementation of Hudud.

According to the study which was conducted from the 1st to the 16th of September this year, support from Chinese voters has increased from 12% to 24% compared to the same study conducted nine months ago.

The conclusion that was reached in the study involving 385 respondents from the Chinese community revealed that there was only an increase of 1 percent vote against it with a decrease of a 13 percent vote of those who are uncertain about the effectiveness of the Hudud law implying that Chinese voters are becoming more aware of the issue.

The study also indicates that the younger generation of the Chinese community are showing deep interest in understanding the implementation of Hudud law compared to the older ones.

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