IKRAM, JKR Asked to Perform Landslide Investigations in Ampang

AMPANG, 16 Nov: Malaysian Public Works Institute (IKRAM) and Malaysian Public Works Department (JKR) have been asked to conduct a thorough investigation regarding landslides around the Lookout Point in Bukit Ampang.

Local Government Exco member, Ronnie Liu when met during his visit to site this morning said that research has to be done to identify the cause and proactive measures which can be taken.

“IKRAM’s report could probably be prepared within one week while JKR’s report could take longer,” he said.

Previously, according to Ronnie, the Lookout Point has been closed since the beginning of the year after the Kajang Municipal Council (MPKj) had given orders to do so.

They also closed a Western Cuisine restaurant located next to the Lookout Point.

“From MPKj’s research and investigation, the slopes are dangerous, not safe and today, it has been proven.”

“This is also the mistake of the previous State Government that allowed development to be carried out around the Class Four slope.”

“Now, the State Government does not allow any development around Class Four areas. Class three areas on the other hand can be done under strict conditions,” he said firmly.

The landslides happened late last evening causing Jalan Ampang-Hulu to be closed temporarily.

Meanwhile, Ronnie said that the road will begin to open by 7pm, latest, tonight.

He also had instructed the MPKj to monitor the area for 24-hours.

“The public is also asked to not stop around the area (of the landslide) to prevent any unwanted accidents and to prevent traffic jams,” Ronnie explained.

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