Indonesian Artists Bring Anti Human Trafficking Message to Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR, 25 Nov: Lembah Pantai MP, Nurul Izzah Anwar attended a morning tea session to celebrate the presence of Indonesian artist who bring anti human trafficking messages through their concert in Malaysia.

Groups D’Masiv and Adara had been specially brought by Tourism Selangor Sdn Bhd for a concert in Shah Alam I-City Square tonight.

In addition to anti human trafficking messages, this concert is to celebrate the opening of a new theme park at I-City.

Speaking to TV Selangor, Nurul Izzah said that the people in the country still lack awareness and knowledge regarding the issue of human trafficking which is a serious crime.

She said that the artists bring humanity messages to help enlighten the public regarding the on-going campaign in the country.

Statistics from the National Anti Human Trafficking Council shows that 591 individuals were arrested between 2008 and 2011 for their involvement in the crime.

Meanwhile a total of 924 victims have been rescued. Malaysia is still in the blacklist of the USA Foreign Ministry which recorded a high number of human trafficking cases.

“For example, D’Masiv has a lot of songs that carry the message of peace and prosperity for all people.

“(And) they can pass on the messages to all who attend the concert,” she said when met at Restoran Anis Puteri, Pantai Dalam today.

In the meantime, member of the group D’Masiv, Rayyi Kurniawan Iskandar Dinata expects a lot of people to enliven their concert while describing Malaysia as a peaceful nation although the people have political differences.

“The messages which we intend to bring through this concert is for the people of Indonesia, especially in this country, to know and understand serious problems such as human trafficking and alien smuggling into the country,” said the bass guitarist of D’Masiv.

In addition, among the local artists who will be performing at the opening are Sixth Sense, Black Gamma, Ito Blues Gang, Fraudisputescapade and a special appearance by the Group SayWho from Maharaja Lawak Mega.

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