MB to Prove Selangor is More Prosperous Under PR

Subang Jaya, Nov 5: The State Government of Selangor will table in the Selangor State Assembly its remarkable performance in Selangor to deny the allegations made by UMNO-BN that the state is deteriorating under the administration of Pakatan Rakyat (PR).

Its Menteri Besar, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim said that the development in Selangor is far better compared to UMNO-BN era in the economic development. This was evidenced by the fact that Selangor had become a leading state in the country with the biggest contribution to the national income.

He further said that the State Government under PR had contributed 23 percent to the gross national income when it did not even hit 20 percent during Khir Toyo’s administration.

‘I will be tabling the state development as of 2005 until 2007 (during UMNO-BN era) and 2008 until 2012 (PR era) in the Selangor State Assembly for everyone’s knowledge.’

‘I am not going to do it over some coffee-shop conversation, [but] I will table the framework ever since it was declared a developed state in 2005.

‘I believe that the current achievement is better than in 2005’, he said during a press interview after the surrendering of title to the Teres Lestari Perdana purchasers ceremony here yesterday.

Yesterday, the former Selangor Menteri Besar, Dr. Mohamad Khir Toyo challenged the State Government to present an indicator of a developed state status and to respond to the allegation made by Gerakan Prihatin Rakyat Selangor (GPRS) that Selangor would lose its status as a developed state if it failed to solve the water crisis issue.

In 2005, The UMNO-BN government had declared Selangor to have achieved a status as a developed state.

Abdul Khalid said that the achievement of Selangor during the reign of UMNO-BN in 2005 until 2007 was far worse compared to what the state in question had achieved in 2008 until present and that he hoped that all UMNO-BN leaders would not humiliate themselves further.

‘The most essential indicator of Selangor’s contribution to the Malaysia economy was in terms of investment and Selangor gross domestic product (GDP) per capita compared to other states in Malaysia.’

‘Selangor has contributed 23 percent while others would only contribute 9 percent at most.’

‘During Khir Toyo’s reign, it was less than 20 percent. He could have overlooked the figure, I suspect’, he chided.

Abdul Khalid added that the achievement in terms of investment had since remained in its position.

‘Some states would rank first when they manage to secure big projects but [they] are bound to fall down thereafter. However, Selangor has always been consistent in the first, second, or third rank’, he concluded.

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