No New Licence for Cyber Cafes and Massage Parlours Since 2008

SHAH ALAM, 21 Nov: Since taking over the administration of the state in March 2008, the Pakatan Rakyat Government of Selangor has yet to approve any licence applications for massage parlours, public entertainment centres and cyber cafes.

However, according to Local Authorities Exco, Ronnie Liu, premises with licences before 2008 can still renew their licences.

“Their licences can still be renewed every year as long as they do not violate licence regulations and the law,” Ronnie explained in reply to the Lembah Jaya Assemblyman, Khasim Abdul Aziz when he asked questions regarding the abovementioned licences at the State Assembly sitting this morning.

Ronnie also informed the council that new licences have been given only to healthcare centres such as centres for reflexology, aromatherapy, physiotherapy, spas and saunas as well as gymnasiums.

This is stated in the Beauty and Healthcare Centre bye-laws.

Meanwhile, for entertainment centres, new licences are allowed only for leisure centres and family entertainment centres.

Among others are family karaokes, karaoke kiosks, bowling centres, fun-fairs and family entertainment centres offering various entertainment such as kiddyrides and simulator machines.

“They will also have to comply with the rules and regulations which is to not serve or provide alcoholic drinks to customers,” Ronnie, the Pandamaran Assemblyman, said.

Since 2008 till now, licences for 179 healthcare centre, 1,278 family entertainment and leisure centres as well as 224 budget hotels, have been issued by the State Government.

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