People of Various Races, Religion Rise to Support ‘Stop Lynas’

KUALA LUMPUR, 25 Nov: The rakyat gave support to the participants of the Anti Lynas Kuantan – Kuala Lumpur Walk throughout the 300 kilometers when the various people, regardless of race and religion showed concern regarding the impact of the Lynas plant.

The Chairman of the Independent People’s Force (AKAR), Ahmad Nizam Hamid said that although the majority of the participants of the walk were from the Tionghua community, it is in fact an issue concerning the interests of all, regardless of race.

“The presence of friends, among the Malay youths especially, was plentiful and this issue concerning radiation is not specific to any religion or race or the colour of skin or language who are affected.

“When participants stopped to spend the night in the area of the Malays, they were ready to give them accommodation,” he said.

He said that the mass participation was a clear signal to the Barisan Nasional Government (BN) that the people are against the construction of the Lynas rare earth plant.

“What’s important is our, all Malaysians, solidarity in expressing dissatisfaction regarding the construction of the plant,” he said.

According to the Coordinator of Youth Solidarity Malaysia (SAMM), Badrul Hisham Shaharin who was approached by TV Selangor said that the rally participation of about 15,000 people of various races in Malaysia proves that the people are ready to make total changes.

“Today, Malaysia is ready under the name of ‘true Malaysians’, who have risen in bringing the issue which is big enough to bridge racial borders,” he said.

He said that the rising that was shown in the rally is not racist as claimed by some.

“Malay newspapers have continued to make a fool out of the people because the Malays are a little backward on the issue of Lynas.

“But we are certain that with continued efforts, the Malays will become aware and join together in this rising and that it will cause Barisan Nasional to continue to not meet the date to hold the elections,” said Badrul.

He said the rally will present an image to the world that the BN-led government has increasingly lost the support of the people.

Participants of the Anti-Lynas Kuantan – Kuala Lumpur Walk who started their journey 13 days ago since 13 November arrived at the Independence Square at about 5.30pm.

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