People Support AES Delay by the Selangor State Government

SHAH ALAM, 12 Nov: The Selangor State Government’s decision to delay the implementation of the Automated Enforcement System (AES) is supported by people of the state.

TV Selangor’s survey around Shah Alam found that people were dissatisfied with the sudden decision by the Federal Government without getting opinions from the public and experts.

For Mohinderjit Abdullah, 36, the AES is not only detrimental to road users, it is even placed in inappropriate and risky places.

In fact, he said, most of his family members and friends are not exempt from being targeted by AES.

“The problem with the use of AES is no sign or indication on the highway that is visible to users saying that the area is an AES zone. Some of my friends have received more than ten summons in a month.”

“For me, this clearly proves that the implementation will only burden the people and does not make sense. Because of that, the action of the Selangor State Government that to avoid the use of AES should be praised and welcomed, “said the engineer.

This is also supported by Yau Doon Kian, 52, who described the decision of the State Government, just and should be supported by the community.

“The State Government’s actions prove their thoughtfulness in helping the people. Already we are burdened with the high cost of living, the Federal Government now wants to add to the burden of the people,” he said.

For Taufik Mokhtar, 64, the action to postpone AES should be commended for it proves that the State Government understands the peoples burdens.

The taxi driver hopes that the implemention of AES will not be carried out to ensure the people are not burdened by summons payment.

“We understand the suffering of fellow citizens faced with the AES implementation. The Central Government should not waste the public’s money on summons. AES will not discipline the users, but will increase the rate of accidents, “he said.

Also supporting this is Sivasamy Angela Devi, 53, who wants AES to be stopped to avoid road users from feel stressed while driving.

“People cannot be constantly victimized. If necessary, AES can be installed on the highways but make sure it is relevant and not excessive, “she said.

Prior to this, the Chief Minister, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim had taken steps to suspend the enforcement of AES in the state as it was irrelevant and illegal.

He said, the decision was taken after the Road Transport Department (JPJ) failed to prove that AES is the best way to cope with the increasing rate of road accidents.

In fact according to him, the Ministry of Transport had failed to get permission to build the structure for the AES from the Local Authority (PBT).

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