Quality of rivers in Selangor satisfactory

SHAH ALAM, NOV 7: River that is the most essential resource to the treatment plant in Selangor is at a very satisfactory level with some rivers that have seen tremendous improvement in quality.

Selangor Exco, Elizabeth said that the water pollution in this state was still at a stable stage with its improving water quality index every year starting 2000 until now.

‘According to the report, the water quality index in three main rivers in Selangor namely Sungai Langat, Sungai Selangor, and Sungai Klang’, explained Elizabeth who holds a portfolio in the Tourism, Consumer Affairs and Environment Exco.

According to her, based on the water quality index, Sungai Langat has improved tremendously from 68 percent to 76 percent under the ‘average pollution’ category.

In the meanwhile, Sungai Karang is under the ‘second class’ category after it has recorded a positive improvement from 81 percent to 86 percent.

Sungai Klang has recorded the biggest improvement with an increase from 53 percent which is considered under the ‘serious pollution’ category to 72 percent which is under the ‘average pollution’ category.

Such fact is derived in response to some allegations that the polluted river in Selangor has affected the treated water supply in Selangor.

Generally, Elizabeth said that every pollution case would be attended to by Lembaga Urus Air Selangor (LUAS) so that it would not jeopardise the need of the people.

‘There is no compromise in cases involving well-known companies as reported by LUAS and Department of Environment both of which shall be served with a legal suit’, she emphasised.

She further added that LUAS had set up the Selangor River Basin Management Committee and Pollution Prevention Board to conduct thorough observation.

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