Residents Are Advised Against Making Agricultural Sites Out of Trenches

SHAH ALAM, 15 Nov: Residents around Dengkil have been advised to stop making trenches and the area around the trenches, agricultural sites as the trenches built could rupture causing flood.

Dengkil State Assembly Coordinator, Borhan Aman Shah said that his department has found out about the situation when briefed by the Department of Irrigation and Drainage (JPS).

He said that the residents have been planting various crops like banana palms which have made the trench structure unstable and should there be strong currents in the river, the trenches could eventually risk being raptured.

Several raptured trenches or channels include areas around Bukit Changgang, Labuan Dagang, Kuala Langat ad Sepang.

Previously, the mainstream media reported that the Selangor Umno-BN administration blamed the raptured trenches, sand mining and unmanaged trenches, for causing flood in Dengkil .

Bohan further denied that the flooding has worsened due to the aforementioned allegations.

He said that JPS has informed that currently there is high tide, water levels being higher than usual and unusual distribution of rain.

He explained that his department has identified several raptured trenches and that JPS have already sent their report to the State Government for further action.

“Of course they will be repaired as soon as possible. We do not deny that there are broken trenches and regardless, we have identified the actual situation and we have already sent the report yesterday.”

“We have disallowed flood victims from leaving evacuation centres until this Sunday because we reckon that it will continue to rain and flood,” he said when contacted.

Meanwhile, according to the JPS portal, until now, in Selangor, water levels in Sungai Langat, Bukit Changgang, Kuala Langat and Sungai Selangor have exceeded the warning level at 6.02, 4.08 and 3.97 meters respectively.

The current total number of flood victims is 1,309 individuals and involve 7 evacuation centres around Selangor.

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