Ronnie: Landfill Capacity Enough

SHAH ALAM, 26 Nov: The capacities of 4 of Selangor’s landfills are enough to accommodate waste management or solid waste disposal till its estimated time.

The four landfills are Jeram Sanitary Hill, with an area of 190 acres, a capacity of 2.9 million tonnes has been filled and 5.1 million tonnes left till its estimated lifecycle will end in 2017.

The Batu 12 Sanitary Hill has an area of 169 acres; 0.14 million tonnes have been filled and 8.86 million tonnes still available till 2029.

For the Kuang landfill, it has an area of 27 acres with 0.07 million tonnes filled and 0.67 million tonnes still available till 2032.

Local Government, Research and Development Committee Exco member, Ronnie Liu said that the State Government will however always be on the lookout for the best technologies that can be used to manage solid waste more effectively and efficiently.

He said that as on now, the State Government has one plant in Kajang that uses ‘Refuse Derived Fuel’ technology that is able to convert solid waste into electrical energy and compost.

“Apart from that, the State Government is looking into a few other technologies which are suitable,” he said in answer to Datuk Amiruddin Setro’s (BN-Jeram) question.

Among them is a technology that changes solid decomposed waste into electrical energy and recyclable products.

Apart from that, Material Recovery Facilities (MRF) and incinerators are among the alternatives that have been considered and looked into.

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