SAMM: PRU Candidates Must Declare Assets

SHAH ALAM,17 NOV : Youth Solidarity Malaysia (SAMM) has called on leaders, the rakyat or voters to support the declaration of assets as part of the mandatory requirement to be a candidate in the upcoming General Election (PRU).

SAMM National Coordinator, Badrul Hisham Shararin said, the rakyat should rise up to reject candidates who do not declare their assets.

“Congratulations on the commitment of PAS Vice President, Mohamad Sabu, to declare his assets before joining PRU 13 should he be nominated by the party as a candidate.”

“His commitment was emphasised by a speech in the 53rd PAS Youth General Meeting in Kelantan a few days ago,” said Badrul Hisham in his media statement.

According to him, this bold action is necessary to the general elections and the country’s future administration. This would require leaders and politicians to be transparent and have high integrity while being highly committed.

He said the declaration of assets must also be taken seriously by announcing the candidate’s assets, his wife and children’s assets, as well as assets of his close relatives to prevent abuse of power and corruption.

“Many politicians become rich quickly even though they have only recently held positions in the country’s administration.”

“All leaders, whether they are from BN or PR, should declare their assets before being selected as a candidate for the upcoming GE-13.”

“This is so that the rakyat can assess how much has been gained while holding a position or when they are given a mandate by the rakyat,” he said.

He said that the rakyat should also assess the prospective candidate’s honesty and the source of the assets declared by them.

“The asset declaration mechanism may have its weaknesses however, mandatory declaration is important.”

“The rakyat will thus see how serious we are in doing this to ensure an administration that is full of integrity in the future,” he said.

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