Selangor to Provide Homes For Poor Urban Dwellers to Rent

SHAH ALAM, 29 Nov: The State Government plans to provide poor urban dwellers with homes for rent as a measure to make sure all the people in Selangor have homes.

Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim said that the matter has to be carried out as not all people in this state can afford to buy a house or own their own homes.

“The matter is very important and must be discussed from the aspect of policy making.”

“I have found that in order to provide homes for entire families in Selangor, we should not only undertake strategies to sell houses to the people but, also allow them to rent homes.”

“We will start working on it so that in the future,whether they are owners or tennants, no one will be homeless.”

He said this in reply to a supplementary question by Lembah Jaya Assemblyman Khasim Abdul Aziz at the Selangor State Assembly session today.

Meanwhile, Abdul Khalid said that the State Government’s efforts to build more low-cost and medium-cost houses will be carried out continuously.

He said that the State Government will create a new strategy of using an allocation of RM50 million from the state reserves to increase construction of Affordable Homes in Selangor.

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