State Government Contributes Funds for Humanitarian Film Festival

SHAH ALAM, 29 Nov: The State Government has contributed RM 33,215 to the Malaysian Popular Communications Centre For Human Rights (KOMAS) for the organisation of the Freedom Film Fest.

Welfare and Culture Exco member, Rodziah Ismail said that the Freedom Film Fest (FFF) organised by KOMAS had received recognition from the State Government for the last three years.

She said that the last FFF2012 themed ‘Democracy: Who’s Boss?’ had screened documentaries on human rights issues such as the rights of students in politics, indigenous land rights, religious rights and the appropriation of power in Sabah and Perak by Umno-BN.

“The State Government has always supported the freedom of information so that it becomes a resolution and adherence to all the people in the state,” she said.

She said this in response to queries from Hulu Klang Assemblyman, Saari Sungib regarding the State Government policies on NGO activities in the production of human rights documentary films.

The question was posed during the Selangor State Assembly (DNS) sitting today.

In relation to that, since 2010 the State Government has established newspapers like the Selangor Times and SelangorKini as well as electronic media channels such as TV Selangor, to disseminate information to the people in the state.

She said that alternative media channels also produce documentaries and short films related to human rights issues.

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