The People’s Representatives of PR Support the Close Lynas Ore Campaign

SHAH ALAM, 30 Nov: The campaign to gain support from the people’s representatives to shut down the Lynas rare earth ore in Gebeng, Kuantan in Pahang has continuously received support by gathering 150 signatures so far.

PR representatives signed the “Harvest of Hope For Malaysia” book pledging that they will endeavour to close the ore.

Vincent Jaim, the volunteer who actuated the programme said that since its inception in April, the cooperation from the PR State Government has been tremendous.

“I thank the Selangor Government for their collaboration on this campaign and so far, 28 PR Assemblymen from Selangor have supported it.”

“The campaign started in Perak where 25 PR Assemblymen have signed the campaign book followed by 20 PR Assemblymen from Kedah.”

“During the last PAS congress meeting, 15 Assemblymen have signed and supported it (the cause). We have also gained the support of four PR Assemblymen from Pahang.

“When the campaign was held at the Parliament, we received support from 76 Members of Parliament and eight PR Senators, including one Senator from BN,” he said at a news conference in the State Assembly Annex lobby yesterday.

Lynas has already secured the court’s decision to start operations.

The ore named LAMP, has encountered fierce resistance from various walks of life who are concerned about radioactive waste contamination from processing rare earths.

“This project, like the previous project in Bukit Merah, seems to show that the Federal Government does not want to heed the outcry of the people who reject it. It’s like they’re being blind regarding the issue and approving the project,” said Vincent Jiam.

He said that the State Government can play a role regrading the matter by closing down all paths leading to the rare earth project.

The campaign is also being carried out through the Facebook social networking site to call for virtual citizens and the public to volunteer through –

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