UMNO Runs Down PKR Billboard with Government Machinery

PETALING JAYA, 27 NOV – Umno-BN has once again acted in immature fashion when it ‘wildly’ ran over a billboard by opposition party PKR which displayed a picture of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, last Friday in the State of Perak.

The act was carried out at around 11.00 pm and it was found that the machinery used to run down the billboard erected on private land belonged to the government as it was the State Government Secretary (SUK) of Perak who ordered PLUS’s infant company, Propel Limited (Propel) to destroy the said billboard.

Propel is reponsible for maintaining the PLUS highways.

The billboard located at kilometre 383 along the PLUS highway heading North, was erected by Tanjung Malim’s PKR Election Director of Machinery, Shahbudin Abdul Khatab on his own property.

Nevertheless, according to PKR’s Prak Leadership Vice President, Madhi Hassan in a press conference at the headquarters in Merchant Square, Petaling Jaya today.

“This are is not under the jurisdiction of any local council (which is why) there is no need for a permit.”

“However, if there was a need for a permit, why were the other billboards left undisturbed although it too did not have a permit,” he asked.

Madhi added, that if the area was under the governance of a local council, that there procedures in place requiring some notice before taking any action to demolish.

According to Shahbudin, when he went to lodge a complaint at the Tanjung Malim Police Station, he was told by the Station Head that one complaint had already been lodged on behalf of the SUK, the National Security Council and the District Officer regarding their act of demolishing the billboard.

The same police officer also said that the police force were asked to escort and supervise the area where the demolishmen of the billboard with the caption, “Oil prices down, Pakatan is the People’s Hope” took place.

On the same note, a media statement released by PKR’s Head of the Explanation Bureau, Dr Muhamad Nur Manuty asks that Umno-BN stop all dirty political strategies by using reasonable and respectful methods instead.

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