Yet another anomaly in voter registry: PKR

KUALA LUMPUR, NOV 7: PKR alleges that there is yet another sinister contrivance to manipulate the voter registry by not going through Rang Daftar Pemilih Tambahan (RDPT) that is displayed in every quarter of the year.

This is revealed by Kuantan MP, Fuziah Salleh in a press conference at the Parliament lobby today.

According to her, such inconsistency in the voter registry can be regarded as a sheer failure on the part of the Election Commission (EC) while not ruling out the possibility that this has been manipulated by it (EC).

‘RDPT is an ‘audit trail’ in the voter registry and EC should be able to tally up the number of confirmed voters in the voter registry in every quarter of the year via this method.’

‘Instead, it is discovered that EC failed to do so. It simply takes in and out any names without first displaying their names’, she said in the company of Gombak MP, Azmin Ali.

For example, the outcome of the voter registry audit in the fourth quarter of 2011 and voter registry in the first quarter of 2012 as provided by the EC to PAC for Kuantan Parliament (P083) reveals that there are 155 names that have been entered into the voter registry without first going through RDPT.

‘We have discovered that the struck-out names displayed have been re-entered into the voter registry P083 despite no objection.’

There are 40, 000 names throughout the country. As many as 15 postal votes (police and army) have been entered without having their names displayed.

‘There are names that have been entered in without having their names displayed. Normally, they were voters from other areas previously’, she said.

According to Fuziah, there are 433 voters’ names that are not in the voter registry without first being displayed.

‘We found out that a huge number of voters are not in the record. Even if they had passed away, it would not possibly reach more than 400 names.’

‘Apart from that, a huge number have been moved to other parliaments without having their names displayed and the number of voters whose names have been displayed out of the record consist mainly of public and postal voters’, she added.

Therefore, she demands that EC come forward and clarify.

She said this proved that EC did not clear up the names and further hinted that it was likely that it was done intentionally.

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