Caution Against Taman Muda Underground Erosion


AMPANG, Dec. 31: Residents of Jalan Bunga Tanjung, Taman Muda are advised to be careful and to not park near the playground there due to the sediment and underground erosion.

Teratai Assemblywoman Jenice Lee, when surveying the area this morning, said the incident reportedly occurred about last week due to heavy rain almost every day.

As a result, she said, the land moistened until it caused a 200-meter-long drain to collapse, even though the area is not categorised as a sloping and hilly land.

“We see landslides constantly occurring in the area even though it is not a sloping land. In fact, this incident has nothing to do with the field maintenance which is going on. It may have occurred due to underground movement.

“Therefore, I request that the residents no longer park near the area temporarily until the problem can be solved,” she told reporters.

Accordingly, Jenice said she will report to the Ampang Jaya Municipal Council (MPAJ) to urge the Local Authorities (PBT) to study the problem so that it will not continue.

In the same press conference, Jenice also urged the public to be more responsible by not parking on the roadside especially around the Taman Muda Morning Market.

It is said to ensure smooth traffic flow and facilitate other road users when using the route.

“We need the cooperation of all parties, whether it is the public or hawkers, to park their cars in the parking lot provided. If the problem still cannot be resolved, we will instruct MPAJ to impose affirmative action,” she said.

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