CM Proposes Syrian Humanitarian Fund in Mosques Across Selangor


SHAH ALAM, 19 Dec: The Selangor State Government will be drafting joint discussions with the Selangor Islamic Religious Department (JAIS) to allow all mosques in Selangor to start ‘Syrian Humanitarian’ funds as an effort to lessen the burden of Muslims in Syria.

Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim said that Selangor PAS Commissioner, Dr Abdul Rani Osman will be the representative at these discussions.

He said that as Muslims, all parties, especially the people of Selangor, should be sensitive to the plight of Muslims in other countries.

“As a result I have asked Dr. Rani to discuss with Jais for donation collection to be carried out in every mosque across Selangor as an effort to remind Muslims of their responsibility to help our Muslim brothers and sisters in Syria,” he said.

Today, Syam Ulama Union Leader, Sheikh Dr Muhammad Ali As Sobuni and a delegation from Syria visited the Chief Minister’s office to tell of the real situation that is happening in Syria.

The meeting, which took almost an hour, saw Sheikh Muhammad Ali personally delivering a handwritten letter to Abdul Khalid and they were also accompanied by the Palestinian delegation, Deputy Director of International Relations, Ministry of Education, Higher Education, Ahmed Ayesh Al Najjar and Ustad Karim Nazmi as the translator.

Abdul Khalid added that what needs to be addressed is how to bring back peace to Syria.

During the meeting, Sheikh Muhammad Ali told of the cruelty felt by the people of Syria and urged the Muslim community to fight for freedom till victorious.

“We ask for all the people to be against any form of tyranny. It is the people’s responsibility against tyrants.

“We have not gotten help from Jordan or other Arab countries that are of the same race as us. We are confident that Allah will help us win.

“We came here because Malaysians are concerned therefore we describe the situation in Syria,” he said; translated by Ustaz Nazmi Karim.

To date more than 200,000 Syrians have become victims of cruelty by the government which is greedy for power and is deviating Muslims.

For the record, Sheikh Muhammad Ali has not been allowed into Syria since 35 years ago and is a world-renowned scholar of Tafseer.

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