Construction of Youth Square in Hopes of Birthing National Sporting Champions

TANJONG KARANG, 8 Dec: The construction of a Youth Square in Kampung Parit Serong here is in hoped to produce more national sporting champions that has the caliber and will be able to bring honour to the country.

Permatang State Legislative Assembly Service Centre Coordinator, Yahya Sahri said that previously a state and national football champion had come from the village although there were no satisfactory sports facilities.

Previously, Amri had represented Selangor since 2001 and was given the title of ‘golden boy’ when he had scored the Selangor victory goal in the 2002 Malaysia Cup finals against Sabah. In 2005, Amri had also helped Selangor win three trophies.

Amri’s grandeur prevailed after scoring two goals in the friendly match against Manchester United on July 18, 2009.

“Although there were no fields or Futsal gourts here previously, there was still a sports champion.

“Now, we provide Futsal courts and hopefully in five years, a (sports) hero will emerge here,” said Yahya.

He said that youths should be brave to step into courts and not just watch what is happening.

Malay Customs, Youth and Sports Exco, Dr Yunus Hairi said that the construction of Youth Squares across all areas of the Selangor State Assembly (DNS) through the Selangorku Grant is to promote healthy activities amongst the younger generation.

“This Youth Square has to be fully utilised immediately by having the local leaders and local youth motivators organise useful activities,” said Yunus.

He said this during a speach at the Parit Serong Rural Leisure Programme which was held at the Permatang State Legislative Assembly Youth Square at Kampung Parit Serong here.

He also hoped that these facilities will be upgraded with the installation of free wifi service and various programmes which can he held here such as live broadcasts of sporting activities as well as religious programmes.

Kampung Parit Serong JKKK Chairperson, Asahari Mardzuki said that the Youth Square built here is important for the development of youth sports here, where previously, such facilities were not available.

He said that with the completion of the Youth Square, the superfluousness of the State Government is reflected in the mobilising of the younger generation in being active in meaningful activities.

“This policy which is pro-rakyat (people centric) benefits the community of this village,” he said.

An allocation of RM160,000 was channeled to the building of the Youth Square which also provides facilities such as sepak takraw, badminton, volleyball and futsal courts as well as a stage and toilet amenities.

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