JINGGA 13 Urges Police to Investigate Gombak Attack

SHAH ALAM, 5th DEC : JINGGA 13 heavily criticize the actions of morally corrupt individuals who created a ruckus and disturbed the Jelajah Rakyat Merdeka talk, allegedly done in support of UMNO-BN.

The incident yesterday at Batu 8, Gombak proved over the top as one person on duty was injured with a sharp object which is believed to be a “kerambit”, a small, hand-held curved blade.

JINGGA 13 Malaysian Explanation Coordinator, Mohd Rudey Abd Rahman said that allegedly the people behind this desperate act are from UMNO-BN and that they are the cause of the rowdy political culture. Such rowdy behaviours were witnessed before in Johor and Melaka.

He says that the police needs to investigate and drag the responsible parties to court and prosecute them in threshold of justice.

“UMNO-BN leadership needs to be held responsible for the criminal nature of these incidents because they would not act so freely without the involvement or orders from their leaders,” he added in one press statement.

He explained that this act of desperation seems to be a warning by the said parties for Pakatan Rakyat along the same vein as the warning by Wanita UMNO’s Chief, Datuk Seri Sharizat Abdul Jalil who raised the13th May 1969 racial riot and tragedy in an attempt to promote her party.

“This is the practice of ‘assabiyyah’ which has continued to be practiced in an UMNO who is willing to be unfair to others based on extreme racist sentiments that go against the teachings of Islam.”

“This is the true attitude of UMNO-BN which needs to be changes so that all Malaysians can learn to love and embrace peace,” he added.

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