KJ Has To Answer How Easy Bank Loans Worth Millions Were Dissolved?


SHAH ALAM, 30 Dec: Umno Youth Chief, Khairy Jamaluddin (KJ) has been urged to answer allegations regarding the issue of millions of ringgit worth of loans from Bank Pertanian Malaysia Berhad associated with him when his father-in-law, Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was still holding the position of Prime Minister.

The outstanding loans has been said to be disolved, creating unease among bank officers who managed the easy loan.

This is according to Youth Solidarity Malaysia (SAMM) Coordinator Chegu Bard, on TV Selangor today.

“I have the data, the loan was taken out before the 2008 General Elections however, Khairy has not even paid once,” said Chegu Bard or Badrul Hisham Shaharin (his real name).

Chegu Bard who still does not want to disclose the amount of the loan also questioned the purpose of the loan.

“For an ordinary farmer, just to borrow a few thousand ringgit, there are a number of conditions that need to be met such as the proposal and so on. What proposal did Khairy give to enable him to acquire the loan; which is not little.

“Usually, when most people do not pay off their loan, like car loans for example, they will chaotically hide their car behind their houses, afraid that it would be repossessed.

“Is Bank Pertanian giving different treatment to VIPs such as Khairy until a loan worth millions of ringgit can be dissolved just like that, given that the bank is owned by the government and its functions are to assist farmers to develop themselves in the field of agriculture?” he added.

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