PAS Wants Votes Broken Down According to Age, Sex


SHAH ALAM, 31 Dec: The Election Commission (SPPR) has been asked to eliminate the voter breakdown of an area according to racial composition.

Central PAS Information Chief Datuk Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man said that the breakdown of voters according to race for five decades has brought about more harm than good to the country’s unity.

“It is time this issue is revamped with SPR issuing a breakdown of voters according to age or sex as the official data issued to the media and the people.

“Data which is broken down according to race does not have to be issued unless there is a need,” said Tuan Ibrahim in his media statement.

He said that the breakdown according to race which has been done by SPR this time is believed to have been done according to the taste and the breakdown of BN component parties.

Tuan Ibrahim said that is implemented, it can reduce the risk of the current situation where there is the intentional usage of racial and religious sentiments to win votes and create antagonisms between races for the sake of attaining cheap political capital.


In fact, through the breakdown of votes according to the perspective of sex can also reduce the risk of politicians using race and religion to gain votes.

“While the SPR is cleaning up the electoral rolls, voter breakdown according to age can also be implemented as it is not difficult considering all information is already available on the voter’s identification card.

“Enough of this country and its people being ‘clothed’ with glasses based on racial division – Malaysia can move towards increased prosperity and unity if we wear spectacles that are geared towards unity,” he said.

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