Pekawanis Saves Chronic Lymphoma Patient

SUNGAI BULOH, 5th DEC : Derita ditanggung pesakit Lymphoma Kronik, Rohaya Mohd Ariffin, 41, mendapat perhatian Pertubuhan Kebajikan dan Amal Wanita Selangor (Pekawanis) yang bersedia menyalurkan bantuan kewangan.

The agony suffered by chronic lymphoma patient, Rohaya Mohd Ariffin, aged 41, gained the attention of Women’s Welfare and Charity Organisation (Pekawanis) who was ready to provide financial assistance.

Chairperson, Puan Sri Salbiah Tunut was quoted saying that Rohaya’s problems were serious and Pekawanis hopes that by undergoing surgery at Sungai Buloh Hospital on Friday, the results will be positive in her favour.

According to her, Rohaya who was suffering from skin cancer gained attention form Chief Minister, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim who proposed a visit to collect more information.

“When news of Rohaya’s illness was printed in the paper, we decided to visit her home and there we found her in criticalcondition.”

“We work together to get to cooperation from the hospital in this matter.”

“We will continue to help in reducing the burdens on the patient and her family.

“Pekawanis will propose for assistance through the Selangorku grant should finance be necessary in this case,” she said after a visit to Rohaya at the hospital today.

Joining the visit today was Permatang’s State Assemblyman, Mohd Yahya Mat Sabri.

Rohaya who is from Sungai Burung was admitted to the Sungai Buloh Hospital today and is expected to undergo surgery to remove a tumor weighing 50 kg from her body.

Her husband, Hassan Zakaria, aged 47, said that his wfe has been suffering the pain for over 30 years as she had her first operation for the first time at eleven years of age at the Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital, Klang.

Nevertheless, the tumour has persistently returned year after year and in recent years it has grown at an alarming rate, reaching its enormous size.

“For families earning a low income such as ourselves, accessing medical services has become a burden.”

“It is hoped that the surgery will help and our families are thankful to the state government for being attentive and considerate of our problems,” said the security guard, who is also the second son.

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