PKR Submits Corruption Evidence of Sabah Timber Concession to ICAC Hong Kong

KUALA LUMPUR,11 Dec: PKR sent a delegation to Hong Kong in efforts to reopen the Hong Kong Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) investigations on charges of alleged corruption involving Sabah Chief Minister, Datuk Seri Musa Aman.

The delegation which was led by PKR Strategy Director, Mohd Ramli Rafizi, will bring back evidence of money transactions from companies that obtained Sabah timber concessions to accounts belonging to businessman, Michael Chia.

Rafizi showed money transfer slips which he claims are the deposit payments of companies that managed to obtain timber concessions.

Among the companies that received timber concessions from the Sabah State Government and had paid deposits worth millions of ringgit to Michael include Ever Fame Enterprise Limited, Borion Enterprise Limited and Wayco Enterprise Limited.

“The existence of accounts belonging to Michael and money transfers made by concession holders confirmed that Michael had acted as a middleman in collecting revenue from logging concessions issued by the Sabah government,” said Rafizi.

The said transactions involved UBS Bank accounts in Hong Kong and accounts in Shanghai Banking (HSBC) in Singapore.

Rafizi claims to have evidence of the money transfers that are varying in amounts where the account that recorded the highest amount was USD 1,727,928.33 (RM 5,290,210.18) on 18 September 2007, while the other accounts were amounting around USD 100,000 (RM 306,011.81) to USD 700,000 (RM 2,141,736.33).

Rafizi also showed the media a transaction worth AU $2,350 (RM 7,537.51) to an account of Musa’s son, Mohammed Hayssam in Australia by Zenique Investment Ltd.

In 2008, Michael Chia was arrested at the Hong Kong International Airport on suspicion of trying to smuggle out illegal funds worth S$ 16 million (RM 40 million).

According to media reports at the time, Michael claimed that the money belonged to Musa.

However, ICAC said through the statement of the Chief Public Prosecutor of Hong Kong, Kevin Zevros, that ICAC will not continue investigations regarding this money because they had failed in obtaining cooperation from the Malaysian authorities to gather information and evidence.

Last October, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz said that the money was a contribution to Sabah Umno and not to Musa.

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