Rodziah: Efforts to Eliminate Challenges for OKU

SHAH ALAM, 4TH DEC: People with Different Abilities (OKU) should be acknowledged and be given the opportunity to play an important role in the development of the nation.

Welfare, Women’s Affairs, Science, Technology, Innovation and Culture Exco, Rodziah Ismail says that these roles can only be played if physical and non-physical obstacles can be eliminated.

“The State Government is working its hardest to implement changes in terms of facilities in stages so as to eliminate existing obstacles and to improve efforts in aiding the OKU to increase their competitiveness.”

“All efforts planned and implemented by the State government needs to be accepted by leaders at all levels including corporate bodies and infant companies of the State, State Assembly, Council Members, Resident Leaders, Community Leaders in moving towards a society that is caring and considerate of People with Different Abilities (OKU).”

People with Different Abilities (OKU) Day is celebrated on the 3rd of December annually since 1994, in line with the United Nations’ Resolution announcing the International People with Different Abilities Day on the same date. The UN theme this year reads ‘Removing Barriers to Create and Inclusive Accessible Society for all’.

According to her, all barriers and obstacles faced by the OKU have varied aspects that need to be addressed urgently such as education, family life, health care, social development, employment, socio-economic issues and others including employment opportunities within the government.

“By taking on these jobs, it will help them create the foundation for themselves in making sure that their rights are protected and they have equal access to basic necessities, just like everyone else.”

“I ask everyone from all of society whether from the government, politicians and lay people to commit in providing sufficient access so that the OKU can forge a path forward without obstacles,” she added.

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