Rodziah: Independent Body Should Find Cause of Aminulrasyid’s Death

SHAH ALAM, 9 Dec: The government should establish an independent body to investigate 15 year-old Aminulrasyid Amzah’s cause of death, two years ago.

This is important not only because the accused, Corporal Jenain, 49, had been released on the grounds that the police did not intend to kill Aminulrasyid.

Selangor State Executive Council member, Rodziah Ismail said that the government should be transparent in providing the real facts of the incident so that a lesson could be learnt from it.

“I was shocked to hear that the excuse given for the case was that the shots were not intentional when we all know that more than 20 shots were taken and charges against Aminulrasyid was made stating that the boy intended to attack the officers and also claiming that there was a machete present. There is no evidence to these (allegations).

“A policeman with authority to issue statements without evidence in the end ensnares a school student that died in dramatic circumstances without knowing the reasoning (behind it),” she said.

She said that she is ready to help Aminulrasyid’s family in seeking legal rights under the democracy grants provided by the State Government.

She said this when she was met by TV Selangor after the Batu Tiga division Mimbar Participants Get-Together function which was held at De Palma Hotel here.

Previously, Judge Datuk Abdul Rahman Sebli who had deliberated Jenain’s appeal, had decided his release after finding that Jenain had no intention of killing the teenager.

Abdul Rahman was satisfied that the police officers had opened fire only to stop the Proton Iswara that was being driven by Aminulrasyid and not with the intent of killing the teenage boy.

He also said that there is no prima facie case proven that Jenain and the other officers should not proclaim that it was self-defence.

Jenain who works as a Patrol Car Unit from the Shah Alam District Police Headquarters was charged with causing the death of Aminulrasyid between 1:10 am and 2 am on the 26th of April 2010 at Jalan Tarian 11/2, Section 11 here.

The charge was made under Section 304 (a) of the Penal Code which carries a jail term of 30 years and a possible fine.

Mid-September 2011, the Sessions Court sentenced him to five years in prison after finding Jenain guilty of causing Aminulrasyid’s death.

When passing the sentence, Judge Latifah Mohd Tahar decided that the use of weapons by Jenain, that ended in him firing 21 shots, was an excessive act and an inappropriate action in trying to stop the car driven by Aminulrasyid.

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