SAMM: Do Not Easily Believe Racial Hate News

Badrul Hisham Shaharin AMK Negeri Sembilan

SHAH ALAM, 19 Dec: People from across the country, particularly from Sungai Petani, Kedah, have been asked to remain calm and to not continuously believe news of fighting involving various races.

Youth Solidarity Malaysia (SAMM) Chief Coordinator, Badrul Hisham Shaharin said that irresponsible people are taking opportunity of the news that claims of supposed racial fights breaking out in Sungai Petani.

It has been spread that there are supposedly huge fights breaking out in several areas.

“Rest assured all efforts by ‘wicked people’ will not work as long as we grasp that racial issues have been buried and no longer exists in the new Malaysian dictionary,” said Badrul Hisham in his media statement.

He said that SAMM has made thorough observations through its activists who live in Sungai Petani, and have concluded that there were only small fights involving young people who failed to control themselves.

He said that there is no racial hatred going on behind the fights, however intervention from extreme racial groups has inhibited the atmosphere and is capable of inviting greater attacks.

“All this is happening as a result of extreme racial politics of Umno and BN that often brings about racial clashes.

“Umno-BN’s extreme racial politics is like installing a time bomb in the community.

“This is what they want, a fight between the races which would lead every race to cling onto racial parties for shelter and thus giving little breathing room for strength although it adversely affects the entire community,” he said.

He said that SAMM is of the opinion that there is no use for billions of ringgit to be spent in the name of unity since the country’s independence.

The existence of the Department of Unity for example, is a waste when the Umno-BN regime themselves always fan the flames of racism.

“The situation in Sungai Petani is under control because of the good level of awareness among Malaysians who learn that racial fights are only advantageous to racist parties such as Umno.

“The people are certainly not ready to give new impetus to Umno and while they reject any attempts to expand evil propaganda, apparently these big fights between races are occurring and have spread to many places,” he said.

Badrul explained that SAMM, with all their network strength, is determined to ensure that this country is stable, moreover with the upcoming elections, Umno-BN will certainly grab at any opportunity.

“SAMM will thwart any spaces, especially news, that evokes seeds of inter-ethnic fighting while the authorities continue to ignore and not take action against pro-Umno blogs that bring about evil propaganda.

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