Selangor Land Scandal: Najib Has to ‘Clean the Hands’ of Umno-BN leaders

SHAH ALAM, 7 Dec: Datuk Seri Najib Razak must take responsibility now regarding the land scandal that involves Selangor Umno-BN leaders.

This is because the leaders involved have been pointing fingers at each other, especially involving the land scandal in Subang.

Democratic Action Party (DAP) Publicity Secretary, Tony Pua said that they (Umno-BN leaders) are now already caught-up in the scandal and are begining to deny their involvement in the scandal.

Previously, DAP had revealed that as much as 87,188 square feet of land had been given to Subang Umno and has been claimed to purchase the land at a cheap price in 2004.

Tony claims that the land is now the site of a condominium project, Suria Damansara, consisting of 200 units worth RM450,000 per unit while the current market value now stands at RM90 million.

However, previously, Selangor Umno Information Chief, Abdul Shukor Idrus had explained that the and was purchased for community purposes including the construction of kindergartens and community halls.

“When they (BN) denied our claim, they said that the land was to build a kindergarten, and a community hall as well as other facilities. However, this is not the case.

“Now that they have been caught, they are blaming each other and have begin to point fingers at other Umno-BN leaders,” he said in a media statement.

Tony Fernandes who is also the MP for Petaling Jaya Utara, explained that the Subang Umno Division Chief, Datuk Muhammad Bushro Mat Johor had denied that the land is owned by the Subang Umno.

Bushro claimed that there is no land listed under the Subang Umno assets since he became the head of the division.

“However, he (Bushro) who is also the Assemblyman of Paya Jaras, had pointed his finger at the previous Division Chief, Datuk Mokhtar Dahlan.

However, yesterday, the former Umno Subang Chief said that he had surrendered the land that was awarded by the BN party to Kelana Jaya Umno, after redrawing the electoral constituencies in 2004.

“The land was awarded for the purpose of building the Umno division building. However, the question is, why is the land now the site of a condominium?

“Unfortunately, incidently, the Acting Chief of Kelana Jaya Umno, Datuk Yahya Bujang is overseas and is unable to give any explanation,” he said.

However, at the same time, Selangor Opposition Leader, Datuk Satim Diman admitted when questioned, and answered that the matter has to be referred to the Selangor Umno Secretary, Datuk Mohd Zin Mohamed for the purpose of gathering further information regarding the matter.

Thus, Tony said that Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak will have to ‘clean the hands’ of his leaders regarding the scandal instead of keeping quiet about it.

He said that Najib, who is also the Chairman of Selangor Umno should be more responsible in regards to the issue.

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