State Government Asked to Investigation Allegations of House Construction Irregularities During BN Era


TANJONG KAEANG, 26 December: The Selangor State Government has been asked to investigate allegations of irregularities in the construction of houses built on State Government-owned land which was approved during the administration era of the BN government.

Kuala Selangor District COuncil (MDKS) Member, Misran Serman, said that the State Government is supposedly supposed to receive 20 medium-cost housing units priced at RM200,000 per unit with a total value of RM4 million.

However, it became questionable when the developer only handed over 20 low-cost housing units costing RM35,000 per unit with a total value of RM700,000.


The housing development was carried out on a 7.7 acre land located at Lot 176 and Lot 177 near Dataran Tanjong Karang.

“The application was approved in 2004 for housing developments consisting of 100 units of double-storey medium-cost units and 20 units of quarters.

“The Selangor Government, as the landowner in a ratio of 10:2, is supposed to receive 20 units of medium-cost houses worth RM200,000 per unit or a total price fo RM4 million.

“Here, there are irregularities when the Selangor State Government only received cheap townhouses worth RM35,000.

“The government has been ‘cheated’ of RM3.3 million,” Misran said when contacted by TV Selangor.

Misran claimed to receive the information from government employees personally occupying the houses around August.


This issue is causing dissatisfaction among the employees concerned who made the complaint to Misran for further clarification.

“I hope that the state will investigate this matter,” he said.

In addition he will check with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) for further information about the details of the company’s ownership for further action in the nearest future.

In the document TV Selangor showed to Misran, Pembinaan Tegap Perkas Sdn Bhd was the developers of the project who had submitted the MDKS Planning Permission application on September 12, 2000.

After obtaining approval for the application for disposal via alienation of the government-owned land under Section 76 of the National Land Code (NLC) for the purpose of residential development.

The application was approved by the State Authority through a letter bill (15) inPTKS.3C/TK.70/99 dated 14 March 2000 with conditions that development of residential buildings have to comply with prescribed conditions.

The conditions stated that 20 percent low-cost housing, 10 percent of medium-low cost housing and 10 percent of medium-cost houses, were to be built.

The developer is located at 40-A, Jalan Datuk Sulaiman, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur and the Town Planner is Brekat Consult.


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