State Government Establishes Emergency Squad to Prepare for Flood

SHAH ALAM, 3 Dec: The State Government has established an Emergency Squad supervised by district officers in the whole of Selangor to assist the public in the event of flooding.

Health, Plantation Workers, Poverty and Caring Government Exco, Dr Xavier Jayakumar, when contacted by TV Selangor, advised the public to immediately contact the squad’s emergency room which will be open 24 hours in district offices.

“However, at this time the public may contact the District Office Hot Line in advance to inform of the occurrence of floods.

He also added that the State Executive Council has provided funds to be channelled to agencies involved in helping flood victims.

“It will not be channelled to the victims, but to mobilise emergency relief operations for victims when the water rises.

“Help for flood victims will be decided later when the State Government meets. What is important to save the victims first,” he said.

Previously it was reported that the State Government is ready to face floods in Selangor during the rainy season which will last until March next year.

In mid-November, a total of 1,217 individuals from Kuala Langat, Sepang and Kuala Selangor were displaced by the floods.

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