State Government No Authority in Setting Rental Rates for KUIS Dormitories

SHAH ALAM, 12 Dec: The State Government has confirmed that they have no authority in determining the rental rates for Selangor International Islamic University College (KUIS) dormitories which students have alleged as being unfair and unreasonable.

Instead, said Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim, Redha Resources Sdn Bhd (RRSB) and the Selangor Islamic Religious Council (Mais) is entitled to determine it according to the dormitory construction agreement which was previously agreed upon.

In relation to that, Abdul Khalid said that the claims made by Sulaiman Razak, the RRSB Managing Director who is also the Permatang Assemblyman (Umno-BN), yesterday that the State Government had the authority in determining the rental rate of the KUIS dormitories, is untrue.

“In my opinion, the answer given by the BN Assemblyman is not true because the construction agreement and the privatisation of the dormitory is between the company owned by Sulaiman and Mais.

“Mais authority is not covered under the State Government. Thus, his statement that says that the State Government has the right to determine the rental rate is not accurate at all,” he said.

However, as the Chairman of Kuis Board of Directors, Abdu Khalid had advised Kuis and Mais to restructure so that the fees for the hostel will not burden any party, especially students.

Previously, a group of students from Kuis held a peaceful demonstration in front of Sulaiman’s house in Shah Alam to insist that the contract to manage the hostel was cancelled.

The students claimed that the contract has caused them to bear the rising cost of hostel accommodations which is deemed to be unfair and unreasonable.

The students also demanded for Sulaiman to sign a new contract with dormitory rents being lower than the existing rate.

However, Sulaiman had denied the allegations and had said that the annual rental rate is fixed based of the concession agreement which was agreed upon with the State Government in 2007.

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