The People’s Hope for 2013: Additional Assistance Programmes, Solve Infrastructure Problems


SHAH ALAM, 26 Dec: The people of Selangor are satisfied and have benefited from programmes offered throughout 2012 by the State Government such as school assistance (Back to School), TAWAS Selangorku Bonus and Free Water Scheme.

In addition, it is hoped that assistance for lower groups will increase and be continued next year, they also hope that Selangor will improve and provide infrastructural facilities under its control.

For example Nasaruddin Mohd Yusof has not paid a single water bill since the State Government introduced the 20 cubic metre free water scheme four years ago.

“Hopes for 2013 are that PR remains administering Selangor and would win at Putrajaya so as to focus programmes to care for the plight of low-income, private sector workers like me,” said the 39 year old security officer.

He also hopes that the State Government will increase more religious schools and will be more stringent in combating gambling machine activities throughout Selangor.

Apart from benefiting from the free water scheme, Sembagavalli Kaniapan, 35, also benefited from the ‘Back to School’ programme which was created by the State Government.

“‘The ‘Back to School’ programme helped lessen by burdens by a lot, especially with the increase in price of goods, and with this savings, I am able to finance my other needs,” said Sembagavalli.

Several senior citizens from Sembagavalli are also participants in the ‘Jom Shopping’ and ‘Case of Deaths’ programmes under the Golden Age Friendly Scheme (SMUE).

Sembagavalli hopes that the State Government will intensify efforts to help low-income earners in 2013.

Hamidah Salam from Batu Tiga, Shah Alam, also hopes that the State Government will endeavour projects to overcome flood problems that often happens in her residential area.

“Hopefully, in 2013, the State Government will able to provide assistance to flood victims and promptly overcome the flooding problem in Kebun Bunga,” she said, who is also a recipient of school assistance programmes from the State Government this year.

In addition, Hashim Bulat said that he hopes that the State Government will increase information programmes explaining state policies so that more people will know and apply for assistance.

“The State Government has already established various programmes to ensure that people from all walks of life in Selangor benefit from the State Government’s revenue,” he said.

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