Tragedy of 13th May: PAS Muslimat Challenge Shahrizat

KUALA LUMPUR, 5th DEC : The PAS Muslimat Central Council has issued a challenge to Wanita UMNO Chief, Datuk Seri Shahrizat Jalil to a debate regarding the 13th May issue and of national unity.

The Deputy Chief of PAS Muslimat Council, Dr Siti Mariah Mahmud, commented that the debate proposition shows the willingness of the Muslimat Council to answer all allegations and statements issued by Shahrizat durig her speech at the UMNO Annual General Meeting, last week.

“That statement can bring fear, anxiety, insecurity, disturbance based on the threatening nature of the incitement leading to a betrayal of public trust and unrest among the many peoples of Malaysia today,” she said in a press conference at the PAS Headquarters today.

In her speech, Shahrizat was quoted with the following:
“…I fear and wonder if this might bring about racial tensions that can cause the tragedy of 13th May 1969 to happen once again. Do we want such a disgusting incident to be repeated in our country…”

Obviously, the Muslimat Council did not deliberately lodge a police complaint in regards to that matter so that the potential of a political debate to realize a new kind of politics that is based on maturity and responsibility as well as moral conduct in line with Islamic teachings.

Additionally, the ruckus that happened during series of public talks by Pakatan Rakyar in Gombak, yesterday seemed to ‘describe’ what will happen if the people insist on forming a new federal government at Putrajaya.

PAS Muslimat Explanation Chief, Aiman Athirah Al Jundi informed that the proposition for the debate had been known to the Wanita UMNO Chief yesterday.

According to her, the letter of invitation will be sent as soon as possible as the office of Wanita UMNO’s Chief is still on leave.

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