Attempts To Slander HKR112 Failed


KUALA LUMPUR, 12 Jan: The sincere involvement of the public at the People’s Uprising Assembly (HKR112) at Merdeka Stadium today induced envy in certain people who tried to slander the objectives of the event.

Among them was an attempt to insert controversial claims that have nothing to do with HKR112 such as claims to bring back the leader of the Communist Party of Malaya, Chin Peng, to Malaysia.

There were also attempts to tarnish the image of the organisers by spreading text messages (SMS) allegedly claiming that HKR112 personnel were paid by certain parties.

Shah Alam MP, Khalid Samad in a brief reaction said that these efforts failed to achieve its goal, instead the people present had extended their sincere contribution to help the organisers bear the cost of expenses.

“This is slanderous. In addition, there are fliers demanding to bring Chin Peng back.

“Many of these fliers were distributed and provided inaccurate information.

“The question of paying off (people) is a lie. Instead those present extended donations,” he told TV Selangor.

The text message (SMS) was received from phone number 0192075670 and was disseminated to the participants stating:

“Recent developments – Funds for #KL112 has already been received, all participants are asked to gather at the Tropicana PKR office to collect RM150 from appointed representatives. Gradual mobilisations begin at 12 noon.”

An estimate of about 100,000 Malaysians from all races and walks of life thronged Merdeka Stadium to participate in the HKR112 which is intended to demand for various rights and reforms.

Participant processions that began as early as 11 am from KLCC, University of Malaya Mosque and the National Mosque were carried out peacefully and without incidents of provocation or commotion.

Among the demands of HKR112 is to have clean and fair elections, to protect the environment, to save Felda, to return oil royalties to the people of Kelantan, to release ISA detainees and the demand for free education.

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