BN Helpline Charges 4 Cents


HAH ALAM, 22 JAN: Umno-BN’s sincerity in helping the people through helplines is being questioned by Kampung Tuanku assemblyman Lau Weng San when it imposed charges of four cents.

Weng San stressed that if BN really prioritises the people as they proclaimed in their campaigns, such charges should not arise.

Previously, BN had provided ‘The People’s Service Centre’ (Pakar) services at phone number 1-300-22-2626 to enable the public to extend any complaints to BN representatives.

“Phone lines that begin with 1300 are charged four cents per minute if calls are made from fixed lines.

“If a complaint is made through a mobile phone, the charges will be more expensive.

“They seemingly want to help solve the problems of the people who in the end, also have to bear the call charges,” explained Weng San when contacted.

Unlike BN, Weng San said, the State Government has taken a more sincere approach by providing a toll-free number at 1800-88-2824 to enable people to make complaints regarding garbage problems in particular.

In fact, the Local Authorities (PBT) also have taken steps in providing other toll-free numbers for the public to direct their problems to.

“Actions like these are what show priority to the people rather than merely an empty rhetoric.

“These are among the deficiencies highlighted by BN in efforts to win the people over which they have to improve if they are really sincere and ready to help,” he added.

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