Japan Only Built Tunnel, Not Involved in Langat 2 Construction


SHAH ALAM, Jan. 5: The State Government denied the statement of Selangor BN Deputy Chairman, Datuk Seri Noh Omar on the planned construction of the Langat 2 project which is said to be supported by the Japanese Government.

According to the Health, Plantation Workers, Poverty, and Caring Government Exco, Dr Xavier Jayakumar, Japan is only involved in the 44-kilometre (km) tunnel construction work for channeling water from Pahang to Selangor through funding loans amounting to RM2.4 billion.

Thus, it is not fair for Noh to say that the Japanese fully supports the Federal Government’s efforts to build the Langat 2 Water Treatment Plant.

“We suggest that Noh Omar reminisce on the ‘history’ 16 years back in which around 1998, the Langat 2 project was not a priority of Umno-BN leaders at the time.

“This is because former Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, was more inclined towards mega projects such as the RM10.6 billion Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), Putrajaya (RM20.5 billion), Petronas Twin Towers (RM4.8 billion), F1 Circuit (RM286 million), and the purchase of two Scorpene submarines (RM4.5 billion).

“It is clear that the Federal Government funds at the time was ‘settled’ for Mahathir’s mega projects and no allocations were ‘reserved’ for Langat 2. So clearly this is one of the reasons why the implementation of Langat 2 was forced to be postponed for more than 16 years,” he said in a media statement.

Earlier, Noh Omar claimed that the construction of Langat 2 which was proposed as a way to address the water crisis in Selangor was also supported by the Japanese government.

Dr Xavier also expressed disappointment over the action of the Selangor Water Supply Company (Syabas), which was to request assistance of tankers from the Perak Water Board (LAP), Malacca Water Company (SAMB), Johor Water Company (SAJ), and the Negeri Sembilan Water Company (SAINS) to provide water supply in the affected areas.

He said the State Government itself, through aid plans, had directed the Local Authority (PBT) in Kajang (MPKj), Ampang (MPAJ), and all Local Authorities in the state to provide tankers in their respective areas.

He said Syabas should have contacted the Secretary of the State Government (SUK), Datuk Khusrin Munawi for assistance, but it did not happen due to arrogance.

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