Lorry Owner Claims Puspakom Inspection Suspicious


SHAH ALAM, 2 Jan: Puspakom Sdn Bhd, a wholly owned subsidiary of DRB-HICOM, has been asked to be responsible in providing explanation regarding the complaint of a lorry owner relating to the inspection staff of Puspakom and vehicle testing equipment which is suspicious.

The complainant, Murugan Rajagobal, 39, questioned the inconsistency of the tests conducted on his vehicle by Puspakom employees at the Padang Jawa branch in Klang.

He claimed that his lorry failed the Puspakom alignment test at the first attempt however it passed the second examination without reasonable cause.

He said that he had checked and replaced lorry parts at a workshop a day before undergoing inspection at Puspakom.

“The inspection was to check the alignment and I still failed although it was checked at a workshop the previous day.

“Upon failure, I met with the supervisor and handed him the evidence on replaced parts and receipts, my second inspection was passed in just an hour however, I had to pay an additional fee of RM25,” he said when met at the TV Selangor office.

He claimed that the report as well as documents issued by Puspakom is also dubious as it is allegedly not in tandem and it can be changed arbitrarily.

“The document of the first inspection has the serial number A 3073803 and the second inspection document is numbered 0 3074080, the documents should have the same number as it involves the same vehicle that only went through second inspection,” he claimed while stating that two police reports have been made at the Klang Police Station in October.

In accordance to that, he had put forward the problem to the Transport Ministry, the Road Transport Department (JPJ), the Prime Minister’s Department Bureau of Public Complaints as well as the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (SPRM) for further action.

Previously, Puspakom Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Muhammad Shukor Ismail was quoted, saying that Murugan should have provided more information regarding the problem to Puspakom for follow-up action.

Meanwhile, Murugan also claimed similar experiences in April when a lorry owned by him was instructed by Puspakom officers to take down the sunlight tint because he claimed that commercial vehicles cannot use it.

He added that the inspection would fail if he did not follow the instructions.

He later me with the General Manager of Padang Jawa Puspakom to present the matter and the answer that the manager gave was that commercial vehicles can use window tints with the percentage allowed.

“The manager asked his officer who said that commercial vehicles cannot install the tint, the officer said “everyone says so”,” said Murugan who works as an air conditioner technician.

Apart from that, Murugan also claims that several Puspakom officers met with him to settle the matter to avoid it from being known to the the public, but he insisted in telling the public to always check documentation after Puspakom inspection is conducted.

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