Misuse of Public Funds, JASA Should Disband


SHAH ALAM, 28 JAN: The Director General of the Department of Special Affairs (JASA), Ministry of Information, Datuk Fuad Hassan should be fired and the entire department should be dissolved for allegedly abusing power and position.

This is because as a public servant, he was accused of misusing public funds by promoting social media access to Umno-BN, which should be paid by party funds instead of using public funds.

DAP Parliamentary Leader, Lim Kit Siang said that Fuad and JASA are only a part of the blatant misuse of public machinery and public funds to meet the goals and objectives of Umno-BN leaders.

Prior to this, Fuad in the Johor Social Media Friends Get-Together Event at the Persada Johor International Convention Centre stated that BN is capable of achieving a two-thirds victory in the upcoming general elections.

Fuad explained that to acquire two-thirds majority, BN needs to attract at least 30 percent of votes from the Chinese community and 65 percent of votes from the Malay and Indian communities nationwide.

Fuad expressed confidence that the Malay community in Johor’s support for BN can exceed 80 percent while support from the Indian anc Chinese communities have fully recovered from the fall in the 2008 elections.

“It is not his business to head JASA, a government department which is funded by public funds, and campaign for Umno-BN,” said Kit Siang.

“This is an abuse of public funds and government facilities, (a show that) government fraud is on the rise, blatantly and rampant after 55 years of Umno-BN administration,” he said in a media statement.

Kit Siang explained that the first generation of independence leaders led by the Father of Malaysia Tunku Abdul Rahman were fully aware of the importance of distinguishing between the functions of the government, political parties in power, and personal capacity.

“This is why Tunku Abdul Rahman resigned as Prime Minister in April 1959, when he felt that he needed to go around the country to strengthen support for the Alliance before the 1959 general elections,” he said.

Kit Siang said that Tunku Abdul Rahman resigned as Prime Minister of Malaysia from April till August 1959 so that he will not be accused of abusing his power and position as Prime Minister.

It was when he led a campaign to gain public support for the Alliance that he continues as Prime Minister, after the Alliance won the 1959 general election.

“Today there are departments and Ministries that have only one objective – misuse power and public funds blatantly and being shameless in campaigning for votes for Umno-BN,” he said.

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