Old Picture of Exercise Books Displayed to Tarnish The Image Of Teluk Datuk Assemblyman


SHAH ALAM, 28 JAN: The issue of Free Exercise Books contributed by the State Government that was allegedly failed to be distributed by Teluk Datuk Assemblyman, Philip Tan, is an issue that is deliberately designed to tarnish his image as the 13th General Elections (GE-13) draws closer.

When contacted, Philip said that the image that was displayed by a former DAP member, Yap Kon Min, on the media recently was an old picture because the exercise books have already been distributed to students who need them.


He said that before this, the exercise books were received late by the constituency Service Centre, causing it to be kept and distributed at an appropriate time.

“When we received the exercise books, school (session) had already begun and when I distributed them, the principal said that the exercise books were late in being distributed.

“The picture shown is an old picture because they intend to make it an issue even though it has already been a year or two ago,” said Philip.

Philip explained that the allegation was deliberately thrown by the former member of DAP who was fired, to hawk stories to defame DAP assemblymen in all areas that the party is contending in.

“It is like they are agents for Barisan Nasional,” he said.

Philip said that now, the books have already been distributed and just a little have been set aside for students of the Malaysian Certificate of Education (SPM – Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia).

“Allegations that 10,000 books have not been distributed is a false claim.

“Now, there are only 1,000 books left to be allocated to SPM students,” he said.

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