Open Tender Policy Proves Bumiputera Contractors Can Compete


SUBANG JAYA, 10 Jan: The open tender policy practised by the State Government proves that Malay/Bumiputera contractor companies in Selangor are no longer marginalised and are able to compete to win government projects.

The practise of open tenders for State Government projects that has been practised since 2008 has also manage to create competitive and quality Bumiputera contractors.

This is proven when a wholly-owned Bumiputera company, Aminsa Bina Sdn Bhd, successfully won the tender bid for the pedestrian bridge construction project at Jalan Persiaran Kewajipan, costing RM1.35 million.

Aminsa Bina started the construction of the bridge on 27 December 2011 and managed to complete it within schedule, 24 December 2012, by using state funds which were channelled to the Selangor Public Works Department (JKR) under the programme of enhancing the security of state roads.

Apart from that, the Bumiputera company which was given the responsibility of carrying out the project also demonstrated its ability in carrying out construction work without handing it over to sub-contractors, thus reducing the cost of construction.

“The open tender proves that the practise is right as we get lower prices, but with quality and claims that Bumiputera contractors have difficulty in getting government projects through open tenders, are wrong,” he said.

“This fulfils the ‘value for money’ concept which is applied in the administrative and financial management of the state,” said Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim today.

Abdul Khalid also announced that the State Government managed to save up to RM102.2 million through open tenders involving projects throughout 2012.

He also said that the open tender ensures that the chosen contractors are qualified and are able to complete a project within a specified period compared to the practise of giving contracts via direct negotiations practised by the previous BN state government, which are vulnerable to fraud.

The success of Aminsa Bina in winning the open tender for a government project is not the first of its kind.

Throughout more than four years of administering Selangor, other Bumiputera companies have also frequently won State Government project tender bids, although openly competing with non-Bumiputera companies.


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