Pulau Indah Residents Get Mosque Through Selangorku Grant


PORT KLANG, 21 JAN: The Muslim community in Bandar Armada Putra, Pulau Indah, no longer face problems worshipping when the Surau they have been using all this while was upgraded to a mosque.

Port Klang State Assembly Coordinator, Nor Mohamad Suhaimi said that the Surau was upgraded to Al Qayyum Mosque to accommodate the needs of the increasing residents in the area.

“The State Government channelled an allocation of RM300,000 through the Selangorku Grant to assist the residents in completing the mosque, with a total value of RM900,000.

“Construction works and upgrading of the Surau began late 2011 and was fully completed at the end of last year.

“Now it is able to accommodate a congregation of almost 600 people at one time compared to the previous amount of only 300 people,” he said.

Suhaimi said that his party is now in the process of completing the entrance to the mosque.

“We built the road through provisions channelled by the State Government to the State Assembly Service Centre. The estimated cost of the road is around RM20,000,” he said.

Al Qayyum Surau Chairman Saiful Izan Mohd Isa said that the plans to build a mosque there was endeavoured by the Surau parishioners to accommodate the increasing congregation.

“We express our thanks to all concerned, including the State Government that is attentive regarding this matter,” he said.

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