Residents of Kampung Sungai Haji Doraini Asked To Be Patient


SHAH ALAM, 30 JAN: The residents of Kampung Nelayan Sungai Haji Dorani in Sabak Bernam have been asked to be patient in obtaining land grants which will be given to them.

Sungai Panjang constituency’s Community Service Centre (MCP) Coordinator, Fadzlin Taslimin said that applications to issue the land grants are currently being processed by the Sabak Bernam District Land Office.

Therefore, residents who have paid premiums for the land application need not worry about the status of land ownership in the area.

“It is being delayed because perhaps land premiums were not paid simultaneously, so they (Land Office) have to collect the applications first.

“If the residents have paid the premium for the application, there should be no problem,” said Fadzlin when contacted by TV Selangor.

Fadzlin said that he hopes for the cooperation of the Sabak Bernam District Office expedite the approval of the land grants so that the residents do not have to wait for a long time.

“It may be slow because collective application is different from individual applications,” he said.

Previously, the media reported that the residents of Kampung Nelayan Sungai Haji Doraini expressed concern over the ownership status of the land in the area which is still questionable.

In February 2012, a total of 116 villagers in the Sabak Bernam district were given a 5A notice, which is a notice that recognised that they were the legitimate landowners by the Selangor State Government after waiting for almost 30 years.

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