Selangor Has Done More Than Promised For Senior Citizens


SHAH ALAM, 29 JAN: The Selangor Pakatan Rakyat has done more than what has been promised in the electoral manifesto for senior citizens,” said Chief Minister, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim.

This can be seen in the programmes under the Golden Age Friendly Scheme (SMUE) which is a scheme in case of deaths and the ‘Jom Shopping’ (Let’s Go Shopping) programme.

The scheme in case of death provides RM2,500 to the families of senior citizens when they pass away.

Meanwhile, the State Government has given RM100 shopping vouchers through the ‘Jom Shopping’ programme.

“In our opinion, we have done more that what we had promised.

“To improve, we implemented the Jom Shopping programme and it was not included in our previous plans,” he explained in a press conference at the Shah Alam Youth and Culture complex today.

He said this following Utusan Malaysia’s report today that published a report about a group of senior citizens who want to file a lawsuit against the Selangor Government.

The report claimed that the Selangor PR Government had not fulfilled its promises in the 12th General Elections to provide Takaful contributions of RM2,500 to senior citizens.

The Umno-BN controlled newspaper allegedly published a report of a demonstration carried out by a group of senior citizens who were demanding for the State Government to settle the amount of contributions amounting to RM1.25 billion in stages.

The Chief Coordinator of the Senior Citizens Claims, Datuk Ismail Kijo was quoted saying that 2,000 senior citizens will be making demands amounting to RM500,000 from the State Government.

Abdul Khalid said that the State Government is prepared to explain in court to answer to the allegations.

“Yes, go to court, it is encouraged.”

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