Toothbrush Company Appointed to Construct Puspahanas, Windfall Profits for Raja Ropiah


DAMANSARA, 4 Jan: Today, PKR claims that the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s action of designating the construction of the National Defence Education Centre (Puspahanas) to the Selangor Wanita Umno Chief is only motivated by windfall profits.

Today, PKR Strategy Director, Rafizi Ramli in a press conference revealed the review of the Companies Commission of Maaysia (SSM), showing that Awan Megah is a company that has had no activity since it was established until now, with the last financial record files on 31 December 1993.

On 8 June 2005, Najib, who was the Defence Minister at the time, awarded Alam Megah Sdn Bhd, a company owned by the Selangor Wanita Chief, Senator Datuk Raja Ropiah Raja Abdullah, the Puspahanas privatisation project that involves design works and the construction of the military training college.

“Therefore, Awan Megah is forced to appoint another company as a partner to finance and complete the project, while bearing the entire cost while Raja Ropiah, through Awan Megah, makes an easy profit.

“The partner that was chosen is a company called GuppyUnip Sdn Bhd that only acquired credit facilities form United Overseas Bank (UOB) on 21 July 2010, five years after Awan Megah was awarded the project.

“This means that the project was delayed for five years because Awan Megah did not have the capital and was still looking for a partner,” Rafizi explained.

More surprisingly, Rafizi said, GuppyUnip that was established on 9 December 2009 is not a company with experience in construction.

Instead, the company that was founded by businessman Cheong Chow Koh, was found to have extensive experience in toothbrush manufacturing through his primary company Unip Berhad.

Inspection of GuppyUnip the credit facilities letter from UOB also clearly shows the overall capital of RM59.25 million was payment for Awan Megah by GuppyUnip.

In fact GuppyUnip also had to bear the premium payments to the Selangor State Government for the grant transfer process and the conversion of land status of 223.44 acres to Awan Megah, that was originally gazetted to build a military camp.

“The situation now is like the whole project and the land is given to GuppyUnip, a toothbrush manufacturing company while Najib Razak leaves Awan Megah, owned by the Selangor Wanita Chief, to reap profit on a windfall by being awarded ‘prime land’ in Shah Alam,” Rafizi said.

In relation to that, PKR will be making reports to the police and to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) simultaneously across the country this coming Monday to urge for an immediate investigation on the current Malaysian Prime Minister regarding his abuse of power and embezzlement.


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