UNISEL Awards Scholarship To 50 Students For Foundation Studies


SHAH ALAM, 30 JAN: To provide comprehensive educational opportunities to students of Selangor, Yayasan Selangor (YS) allocated scholarships worth RM400,000 for 50 foundation studies students at the University of Selangor (UNISEL) for the year 2013.

The amount given to students increased compared to RM273,000 for 39 students who received the scholarship last year.

Unisel Vice Chancellor, Prof Dr Anuar Ahmad said that the foundation programme students of Unisel are fortunate because of the university has the lowest tuition rates compared to other Private Institutes of Higher Education (IPTS).


In fact, other private institutes do not offer scholarships to their students, said Anuar.

“Although the tuition fee is low, it does not mean that the quality of Unisel is low.

“Therefore, it is hoped that students who receive this scholarship will use this opportunity to its fullest,” said Anuar after the YS Scholarship Presentation Ceremony to Unisel foundation studies students.

Also present – YS General Manager, Ilham Marzuki; Deputy Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, Assoc Prof Zainal Abidin Kidam and YS Educational Funding Manager, Hanizan Ibrahim.

Meanwhile, Ilham said that the financial provisions for the scholarship came from a joint business venture with the State Government.

“Do not waste this contribution, it is not money from income tax but collections of rent and joint projects.

“We managed to cover all leakages from before. There was a lot of money, but there were more leakages,” he said.

The scholarships were given to foundation students, among them were scholarships for Foundation in Management, Foundation in Education (TESL), Foundation in Information Technology and Foundation in Science.

For the record, a total of 2,71 students have pursued foundation studies at Unisel since 2007 to 2012.

Scholarship recipient from year 2012, Muhammad Amy Ashraf Jamal, 22, said that the scholarship managed to reduce the burden of his family and went on to become a motivation for him to achieve a 4.00 CGPA.


The Foundation in Management student hopes to maintain his excellent results so that he can continue his education at a higher level.

R. Kanageswari, 19, also a student of management studies, added that she was excited when informed that she was chosen to receive the scholarship.

She said that the opportunity given will be used wisely because it is not easy to be selected.

Another recipient, Song Li Jing, 19, a student of science and biotechnology said that she was grateful to have been chosen.

“Coming from a less fortunate family and being the eldest of four siblings, I truly appreciate it. At first I was surprised to have been chosen, I did not think I was qualified,” she said.

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