AES Cancelled if PR Wins Putrajaya


KLANG, 22 FEB: All Automated Enforcement Systems (AES) will be cancelled if Pakatan Rakyat (PR) wins in the upcoming elections.

This decision was reached at a PR Leadership Council meeting which was held last week.

According to Opposition Leader, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim last night, the summons issued will also be nullified not only because they burden the people, but also because the operators of the AES is owned by a particular individual from Umno.

“One summon is RM300. 400,000 summonses would make how many billion ringgit? Who gets it? The company owned by an Umno member gets it. Who pays it? We pay (the summonses). Two summons cost RM600, the BR1M (1Malaysia People’s Assistance Programme) money given is finished.

“Previously, we said to delay the implementation, during the PR Leadership Council meeting last week, PKR, PAS and DAP have made a decision. (If) we takeover Putrajaya, all AES summonses will be nullified,” said Anwar in front of nearly 7,000 attendees who thronged the ‘ceramah’ (talks) site here at Taman Rakyat in Seri Andalas.

The AES is an automated enforcement system which issues summons to drivers who exceed the speed limit.

However, this private project worth RM700 million which began in September last year received strong objection from the public because it is said to have an inefficient system, causing drivers who do not exceed the speed limit to also be issued summonses.

Meanwhile, in a statement, the Department of Law and Human Rights Director, Malaysia PAS Youth Assembly (Juham), Ahmad Zamri As’aad Khuzaimi previously said that the AES was created for the sole purpose of legalising Umno-BN’s foul intentions of making easy profits for their cronies.

On December 18 last year, several courts handling the AES summons proceedings, including those in Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya, decided to release without freeing those who were summoned in AES cases.

The decision was taken when the issue received initial protests from JUHAM lawyers and the Anti-Postal Summons Campaign Department (KASE) following the Road Transport Department’s (JPJ) offence to carry out prosecution without showing a letter of authorisation from the Attorney General.

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