AES: State Government Will Discuss With LLM


PUNCAK ALAM, 23 FEB: The Selangor State Government will be discussing with the the Malaysian Highway Authority (LLM) regarding the jurisdiction under the State Government.

The Chief Minister, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim explained that this move will be taken following the High Court’s decision concerning the installation of the two Automated Enforcement System (AES) camera poles on the highway within Sepang, where it was stated that it was under the jurisdiction of the Federal Government.

The State Government will call on the parties involved to give clarification on the latest developments in relation to the courts decision.

“Do they (federal government) have the power. And if they do, how should (we) monitor the power? If they (federal government) do not have the power, is the State Government not allowed to determine developments in the state of Selangor?

“Not only (the developments of) lands in Selangor but also lands granted by the Selangor Government to the Federal Government.

“This is necessary because any decision will have an impact,” said Abdul Khalid.

The State Government has no intention to stop any development projects under the Federal Government in the state of Selangor.

However, further clarification is needed to understand the jurisdiction possessed by The Federal Government and State Government as enshrined in the constitution.

He said this after the Seniors Jom Shopping (Let’s Go Shopping) programme which was held at the Alam Jaya Econsave Supermarket.

“If there isn’t (jurisdiction), how can a State gain the power, what should I write to the board?” he said.

The State Government will also monitor all projects currently in progress and will not obstruct any ongoing development projects.

“The order is to continue all projects but let me know which projects are underway, at least we know what projects are in progress,” he added.

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